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Wired has some interesting stuff going on here, but let’s just focus on the topic of proxies, and their usage in a Facebook world.

The Facebook proxy is a great proxy for Facebook, because it’s designed to give Facebook more control over its users, which in turn allows Facebook to do things like control how you access the site.

The proxy uses the same HTTP header that your browser uses to communicate with Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/), but instead of the “Origin” (for “your local computer”) it’s “Server” (https).

This lets Facebook control how much information it sends to Facebook, and also how you get that information.

Facebook also allows you to choose the exact location where the proxy will be running, and you can change the proxy’s IP address.

This means you can have your proxy run on a server somewhere outside your home, and not worry about having it show up in a “Facebook proxy” window when you visit your home page.

For example, if you’re visiting a friend’s page, you can also specify where your proxy will run, and Facebook will tell you where to connect to the server.

If you’re looking to get more control of your internet connection, you might want to go with a VPN, but for now we’ll be sticking with Facebook’s proxy.

The second proxy option is a VPN that’s designed for more advanced users.

The third proxy is another proxy that Facebook will let you choose, but it also supports a variety of web browsers.

For Facebook, it’s the Facebook Proxy and is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

While the proxy option has the advantage of being able to run in a window, you also need to enable it in your browser settings.

You can also change the default proxy’s location, and that’s where it gets interesting.

Facebook will not send the proxy to your home IP address, but you can set a different one, which will be the one that will connect to Facebook.

You’ll then be able to use it in other places, such as the Facebook web site, your Facebook account, and the Facebook Messenger app.

We’ll cover some other options in the next section.

If the third proxy option doesn’t work, you could also try out a proxy that’s compatible with your browser.

For instance, we’ve found a couple of options that work well in Firefox, including the Google DNS proxy.

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