The Washington Examiner: What you need to know about the new proxy fight

The Washington Times has posted an interesting article by Mark Ames on the new battle between the United States and Russia over Internet traffic.

This battle has been brewing for some time now.

The New York Times reports that, according to an anonymous US intelligence official, the NSA is targeting internet companies in Europe that use VPNs to help people evade NSA surveillance.

The NSA has said it will soon begin blocking VPNs.

The official also says that “the US government is also looking at using social engineering attacks to target VPNs in Europe.”

The official told the Times that it is not yet clear if the US government will attempt to use social engineering in Europe, or if it will rely on a different technique to target the VPNs used by the US.

The source for this article told The Times that he has been in contact with NSA officials about the use of social engineering, and said that the agency has been “talking to the NSA about this.”

The NSA declined to comment.

The New York Post has not published any stories on the issue.

The US has also been trying to find ways to block Russian-operated proxies and other sites that can be used to bypass US internet censorship efforts.

One example is the new US law that makes it illegal for anyone on the planet to use proxy servers or other methods to bypass American internet censorship.

The new law also requires internet service providers to block all “foreign interference in the US elections.”

Another new law, the Stop Online Piracy Act, which the House passed in March, would make it illegal to circumvent US copyright laws.

This law also would make blocking VPN services illegal.

This has been the focus of a series of lawsuits, including the ongoing lawsuit by the Center for Democracy and Technology.

The Stop Online Privacy Act would require ISPs to block the IP addresses and other content of any websites that provide “in-person, face-to-face communications.”

The law also prohibits the blocking of all VPN services and other methods of online communication, and makes it a crime to use a proxy server.

The law is being challenged in court by some internet service companies, including AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon.

The new law would also make it a criminal offense for anyone who obtains “material support” to a foreign state to “access or use a website” that provides “in person, face to face communications.”

This would make the act a crime against the US, but would also apply to the VPN services.

In addition, the law would require the Justice Department to take the necessary steps to prosecute VPN users for violating the law.

The law also makes it unlawful to knowingly make or knowingly publish “material that is intended to influence a foreign government, or to influence the policy of any foreign government.”

This is a broader definition of the material support statute.

The bill would also impose penalties for any person who “conspires with another person to intentionally cause a foreign person to engage in or to facilitate the engaging in of material support or to knowingly permit a foreign individual to engage or to permit a person to participate in material support.”

The bill would make fines for violating these criminal penalties an asset seizure and a federal crime.

The act would also include new penalties for anyone making or knowingly publishing “false statements or misleading statements” about foreign policy, intelligence, or law enforcement activities.

The bills, signed by President Donald Trump, have been supported by a range of politicians and advocacy groups.

But many internet companies, privacy advocates, and tech firms have warned that blocking VPN service providers could be a backdoor for the government to circumvent net neutrality rules and other internet regulations.

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