Netflix has finally opened up its entire library to fans, but you need a Netflix subscription to watch movies

Netflix has been slowly opening up the content of its library to its customers, but the company has yet to make the feature available to all of its users.

While the company is already giving away the full catalog of content to anyone who signs up to a Netflix account, this feature is only available to those with an existing Netflix subscription.

This means if you are a current Netflix subscriber but want to watch a movie on the way home, you’ll have to sign up for another account or switch over to another service.

“This new Netflix content will be accessible to any Netflix user who’s subscribed to the Netflix app and is subscribed to a paid Netflix membership, including customers who are using a Roku or Apple TV,” a Netflix spokesperson told Ars.

“This is only the first step of expanding this new content to all users.

We are constantly improving the Netflix experience, and this is just the first of many updates to our library.”

Netflix isn’t the first to roll out this feature, but it’s the first time it has made it available to everyone.

Last year, the company launched a feature called Netflix Now that let subscribers watch the entirety of Netflix’s catalog of movies, TV shows, and shows on their devices.

This month, Netflix began allowing users to access the entire library on their computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Netflix’s plans to add this feature to its entire catalogue were first reported by Mashable.

This comes after the company revealed it would soon launch a new streaming service called Netflix Go that would allow users to watch the entire catalog of Netflix movies and TV shows.

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