Why you should use the free web proxy that lets you use your internet connection in China


— A $35-a-month internet service provider in China may be asking customers to pay for access to its services.

On Wednesday, the country’s state-run Xinhua News Agency reported that China Telecom has banned the use of a popular VPN software program, dubbed “Cisco”, which allows users to access the countrys internet.

According to the report, the Chinese state-owned telecommunications company has blocked Cisco products in order to prevent the “unnecessary interference” with the company’s networks.

Cisco’s VPN software is a free alternative to VPNs that have become increasingly popular in the world of VPNs in recent years.

However, a Cisco spokesman confirmed the company has not received such a ban from China Telecom.

Cisco is the world’s largest provider of internet service providers, and its VPN software allows customers to access websites through a network of “virtual private networks” that have been used by the Chinese government for a number of years.

The VPN software, which costs a user $5 a month, can also be used to access VPN services in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere.

In recent years, many VPN services have been banned in China due to the government’s censorship of social media and other online platforms.

The government has also cracked down on websites that offer material that could upset the ruling Communist Party.

Last month, the government shut down popular social network Weibo, banning users from using it for social media posts and other social media activities.

The company’s spokesman said the company is “working on a fix” for the issue and that the company plans to update its software “as soon as possible.”

Citrix VPN software has been available in the United States for about a year.

The software allows users who live in the U.S. to access their internet through a VPN, which uses a private network to disguise the IP address of the user.

Cisco VPN software will remain available in China for our customers in the future,” the company said.

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