Microsoft unveils new ‘Nexus Proxy’ service that lets you access the internet from a mobile device

Microsoft has launched a new service that allows users to access the Internet from their mobile devices.

The service, which is available to consumers through a free trial and a one-year subscription, lets users access the Web and email using their Windows Phone, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows desktop devices.

Users can also watch videos and play games on the devices.

Microsoft’s new service, called Nexus Proxy, will only be available to users who sign up for a free, limited-time trial.

Users who opt in to the trial will have the option to use the service indefinitely, or upgrade to a subscription.

“We’re making Nexus a subscription service for the Internet, not a free service,” said Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder and chief executive officer.

“Nexuses are for people who want to be able to connect to the Internet but don’t have a great connection.

And they want to have the flexibility to do that on any device.”

Users can access the service for free on mobile devices through the Microsoft Mobile App.

Microsoft has been rolling out similar services to Microsoft’s existing Outlook email and Outlook calendar services since 2015.

The company announced the Nexus proxy service in October, saying that it is designed to improve the efficiency of the internet and improve productivity.

Nexus proxies allow users to surf the Web from their phones, watch video on the device, or do a few other things without having to be connected to a connection to a server.

The Microsoft Mobile app is available for free to consumers on iOS, Windows Phone 8.1, Android smartphones and tablets, BlackBerry smartphones and the Amazon Fire TV box, and Microsoft’s Surface tablets.

The Nexus service is only available to Windows Phone users who have a trial.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to connect and use the Internet,” said David Gaughan, vice president of communications and strategy for Microsoft.

“As we continue to innovate and build a better Internet for the billions of people who rely on the Internet for everyday tasks, we need to be smart about where we connect and how we do that.”

Microsoft is currently rolling out its new Internet services, which include Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11, to Windows Insiders.

Microsoft will soon roll out Windows Phone 10 to users, too.

Microsoft is also expanding its Bing search and Bing email services, adding the ability to access email from Outlook and Bing, and adding Bing search to the Windows Phone app.

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