When a woman’s story is not a ‘game changer’ for a campaign, it is a drag

The story of the 2016 election is one of a woman who is being asked to speak to a national audience about what it is like to be a woman, and she is not doing it well.

It was a year of incredible highs and lows for Jill Stein, a candidate who was the darling of many progressive women who had hoped to challenge President Donald Trump in the general election.

But as the election neared its end, the first woman nominee for president and the first African-American to run for the presidency, she was not getting any traction.

Instead, the Clinton campaign kept asking her to speak.

The Clinton campaign didn’t care what Jill Stein was saying, which is a shame, given that the message was very important.

Stein, an attorney and former Green Party candidate, told a crowd in Philadelphia on Monday that women have a voice, and they need to speak up.

Her message, according to the campaign: Women are going to be talking about what happens when women are in power.

The message was delivered by a woman from a small town in Minnesota, but it was delivered to a country that was struggling to make progress.

Stein was asked to tell the story of how she has come to be the first female nominee of a major party for president.

She told a story of working as a child care provider, and the way she saw how a woman can be a leader.

And the story was not a game changer, according the campaign.

It wasn’t going to bring women together, she said.

Instead it was a drag.

She also pointed out that the campaign didn-it-didn’t care about her being a woman or about how she could bring women out of the shadows.

Instead of talking about the things that mattered to women, she told the crowd, the campaign was just focused on attacking the woman.

This is what they were really concerned about.

This was not about her.

Jill Stein said on Monday in Philadelphia that Hillary Clinton didn’t talk to her about being a political outsider.

She said it was just “about getting her votes.”

The Clinton camp also attacked her for her appearance on The View, saying it was sexist to use a woman to get her vote.

She was on a show about women, and it was really not about what she had to say, Jill Stein told the audience, according, to ABC News.

The problem is, she had been talking about women for decades.

She has been talking, and that was just not a priority.

And that is why it has become so divisive, said Jill Stein.

It is about what we have seen, this year, this election cycle, and this cycle is going to continue, she added.

Jill is the first ever woman nominated by a major political party, and to hear her say that is just not acceptable, said the campaign in a statement.

The campaign is not alone in its attacks on Stein.

The Hillary Victory Fund, a super PAC supporting the Clinton camp, released a video in October that focused on her “man-hating” views on women and her claim that women don’t have a place in politics.

Stein has been called “dangerous,” “reckless” and a “bitch” in the past, and has been criticized for her comments about the need to ban all abortions.

It didn’t stop the Clinton operation from trying to discredit her, however.

On Friday, the Hillary Victory team sent a tweet that said, “We are not here to bash Jill Stein or to belittle her.

She is a woman with a vision for our country and the world.

We are not going to debate her.

We will not let her get away with her politics.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to an email request for comment.

The DNC and the Hillary for America campaign did respond to ABCNews.com’s request for comments.

Jill’s campaign also has not taken a position on the 2016 presidential election, and her spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for an interview.

Jill, however, is not the only one speaking out against the sexism in the campaign, which has been under scrutiny for its lack of women.

The women who have come forward about the sexism against them have come from diverse backgrounds, including the Democratic women who were the face of the movement against Trump.

Gloria Steinem, who served as an adviser to Hillary Clinton, wrote in an open letter to her campaign on Sunday that she was “horrified” at the way Trump’s campaign treated her and other women, calling Trump’s sexist comments “disgusting.”

In the letter, Steinem called Trump’s treatment of women “unacceptable,” and said the comments made “in no way represent me or any of my supporters.”

The Democratic women, who also were prominent on the Bernie Sanders campaign, are not the first to speak out against Trump and his campaign.

On Monday, former President Bill Clinton also issued a statement criticizing the sexism and misogyny of the Trump campaign.

Clinton, who is also the

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